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Hi! Welcome to Old Mill Pond!

Lynne and Dean (that's us) live in a modest house in Chester, Connecticut, located on Old Mill Pond. It is here where we run our business, Content Design. Chester is a wonderful town to live in, with a quaint village center (quintessentially New England), lots of fresh air, and an abundance of ponds and streams and waterfalls. We consider it out retreat from the world.

We often go for walks around what we call our "loop." It's a little over 2 miles, and leads us through some very attractive scenery, bringing us to the center of town, where we often see a local artist painting, and then leads back home.   

This web site will tell you about who we are, our interests, and little bit about our families. We also want to keep things posted about what's going on in our lives in the present.

The first thing you should know is about how much we love each other. It took a while before we knew this, having been work acquaintances for about five years before we really saw each other for who we are. We share a lot of interests, including Celtic music, reading, walking, exercising, going to medieval fairs, canoeing, relaxing on the hammock and, most of all, food.

We have a wonderful collection of friends on Old Mill Pond. Turtles, dragon flies, damsels flies, birds and squirrels, and the occasional deer, turkey or heron. We are not, however, very enamored with the Canada geese that perennially try to make the pond their home (if you ever dealt with Canada geese, you'll know exactly why).

We love sitting by the pond on warm summer nights, especially when the moon is out, bull frogs are croaking, and fire flies sparkle in the trees. Springtime brings the music of peepers, those tiny tree frogs that sing their mystic lullaby all night long. There's a 50 foot wide waterfall out back, and this adds to the cacophony.

We have a detached garage with a second floor dedicated to exercise. We have a weight machine and punching bag there, where we nightly go to stretch out and tighten up. Dean tries to interest Lynne in punching and kicking the bag, and on occasion she cheerfully acquiesces, just to shut him up.

Barbecues are frequent on our bluestone patio. Lynne knows that by complimenting Dean on his barbecuing skills enough, she won't have to cook that evening. She also thinks he doesn't know what she's up to when she does this.