What defines a person's life?
     Family? Religion? Career? Economic status?
     All of the above—but something else as well.
     A person's dreams!
Loretta had dreams. One especially, that persisted all her life. To be an entertainer. To be on stage, drawing all eyes to her. Making people smile. Being recognized for it.
     She loved music and dancing and acting.
She hid it well during her younger years, learning to play piano and then anxiously playing on stage as an extra at the Bushnell Theater. Her every performance was a thrill, and added to the dream.
     Entertaining, more than anything else, defined her inner core.
She married Joseph, and settled down to the domestic life expected of young women of that time. Three children. Factory work. And finally a receptionist job for the State Labor Department, which evolved to that of French Interpretor.
      Throughout all this time, just beneath the surface, her dream never died.
  Through her daughters, she lived her dreams vicariously.
  And now she's gone... but not forgotten.