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Who is this little fellow?

At ContentDesign.net, the state of the world and the direction of Western culture are very important to us. Allowing partisan politics to steer people away from an intelligent democracy is perhaps the greatest threat that we face today. Our mission is to encourage people to think for themselves.

Consider what we are up against:

  • Corporations exert too much influence on politics.
  • Radio and television pundits are more concerned about making a profit out of outrage and division then in telling the truth for the good of the people.
  • Many religious leaders have set aside the moral teachings of their own traditions in order to promote political ideologies that are diametrically opposed to them,
  • Capitalism no longer subjects itself to the moral ideals of Western culture. Instead of providing just an economic philosophy, its obsession with profit is looked upon as a moral philosophy as well. This has replaced the real Western ideals of reason and virtue (areté) with the long recognized vice of greed.
  • Technology has become more than a tool of convenience and efficiency, it has become a constant distraction that now impeded our awareness of others.
  • At no other point in time has entertainment gained such dominance in human activities. Politics and sometimes even religion have taken on the mantle of entertainment, deprecating the seriousness of them both.
  • Marketing is often not about informing people about a product, but about manipulating our values in order to shape us into un-thinking consumers. We are inundated with advertisements
  • The cult of Celebrity holds out two dimensional images of celebrities as something to admire and emulate, thus promoting values that are equally as superficial.

If we do not face these problems for what they are, and think for ourselves instead, the heart of Western culture will simply fade away.

We encourage readers to reject the biases of partisan ideologies, educate themselves about the issues, come to knowledeable conclusions and speak out for change.

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Chivalry-Now - a cultural approach to resurrecting the very best of Western ideals, based on reason, virtue and conscience.

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