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Lynne was born in Middlefield, Connecticut, and lived most of her adult life in Portland, Connecticut, where she was married and successfully raised three wonderful children, Meghan, Brendon and Maura, who are now grown, college educated, married, and have great jobs.


She is also very dedicated to her father, whom you can see in the picture to the right (the photo was taken at Dean's mother's birthday party). She thinks about "Pop" and her children all the time. And Dean, of course. She has a sister, Anne, who lives in New York whom she is very close to. She also has a brother Joe, who lives in the Boston area with his wife Sue. They have three children, Michael, Matthew and Allison.

Lynne's employment history has predominently been in the non-profit field, having worked 19 years at the Portland Visiting Nurse Association, part-time at Elmcrest Hospital, and then at MARC Community Resources. She presently works for the Town of Chester as the asistant for the First Selectman.

She loves reading mystery novels, and her favorite television shows is The Walking Dead.

Lynne is very outgoing and genuinely cares for people. She has countless friends and is easy to get along with. People just seem to gravitate to her. While living in Portland she served on the Board of Education, and was the highest political vote getter in that town's recent history.

Sharp-witted and clever, she is very supportive to Dean's endeavors, and comes up with many great ideas forChivalry-Now. She has made wonderful changes in the house since she moved her in 2002. She won a beautiful screened-in gazebo in a radio sponsored auction that they both really enjoy.


Lynne is very attracted to the ocean, and loves going to Cape Cod with Dean for vacations. Sometimes they go to the beach in Westbrook and watch the waves. Visiting Saybrook Point is one of their favorite places to walk.

She loves seafood. Her favorite seafood restaurants are Westbrook Lobster and Fish Tail. She also likes Italian, Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine. Mirsh Masala in Groton is one of their regular stops. Lately they have been exploring the cuisines in Stony Creek and Branford.

Her father taught her a lot about birds, and this remains a strong interest with her today, as she continually fills the bird feeders beside their patio. How she remembers all their names is beyond Dean. She is well versed in plantlife as well, and plans several gardens in their yard.

She is very dedicated to her two grandchildren, Ella and Adam, who call her Mima.