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Back in the fall of 2005, Lynne and Dean won a 12 foot gazebo through an auction hosted by WRCH.

  The WRCH crew: Mike, Allison and Allen, stationed in the gazebo. New friends, Susan and Daniel, are in the background.
  Mike was the first to arrive—at 4:15 a.m. It was still dark, but he had to set things up and connect to the phone line.
  The chef from Confetti, a restaurant in Plainville, provided an excellant breakfast, made to order. They arrived just as the sun was rising to set things up.
  Lynne, Ella and Meghan.
  Friends gathering for morning brunch. Everyone had an excellent time. Although it rained a bit, we had a canopy prepared. For the most part, the weather was nice, with a pleasant breeze off the pond.
  Ernie, Kelly, Bruce, Doreen and Dean.
  Dean and Joe. Joe stayed after the event, and accompanied Lynne and Dean to an Indian buffet, where they all over-ate.
  No gallery is complete nowadays without Lynne beaming with Ella on her lap..