Web Site Readability Standards
by Dean Jacques

The following guidelines will help maximum the readability of your web site content.

  1. Start with good writing.
  2. Keep it simple. Use active voice.
  3. Avoid technical terms unless you know your readers will understand them.
  4. Write or edit content to be short and concise. Delete unnecessary words.
  5. Use key words that the reader can scan for.
  6. Use a common typeface that is easy to read and available on most browsers.
  7. Apply a strong color contrast between text and background (black on white is the best).
  8. Highlight important text using bold, different colors or white space
  9. Give reader the information that he or she is looking for right up front.
  10. Utilize a cell column to keep the width of the narrative comfortable to read.
  11. Break up lengthy narratives into logical "chunks." Provide links if necessary.
  12. Use bulleted information.
  13. Place related information within the same proximity.
  14. Avoid animations (blinking text, animated GIFs, etc.) that will distract the eye from reading your message.
  15. Utilize a pleasing color scheme and ample white space.
  16. Design a navigation scheme that is familiar to the reader and ready to use.
  17. Put thought into the names of your links. Don't challenge the reader's attention..



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